The Knowledge And Skill To Compete Against Powerful Opponents

The Knowledge And Skill To Compete Against Powerful Opponents

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Representing People Facing Criminal Charges

Sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes people are wrongly accused of things they did not do. When you have been accused of drinking and driving, the attorneys at Farese, Farese, & Farese understand the challenges you may be facing. We know that a drunk driving arrest — or even allegations of involvement in a hit and run — do not mean that you are a bad person.

Our experienced attorneys offer strong and effective defenses for people throughout west Tennessee and north Mississippi. We handle many different types of cases. These include serious drunk driving accident cases leading to allegations of vehicular homicide.

Since 1939, our Ashland, Mississippi, law firm has developed the trial skills necessary to successfully defend persons accused DUI and other criminal allegations. Regardless of the complexity of the challenges you face, we can help. We are well prepared to help you achieve the best possible results based on the facts of your case.

For more information about criminal law, please see our Criminal Law Information page or call us toll free at 888-341-0243.

Speaking Honestly With You About Your DUI Defense

At Farese, Farese, & Farese, we take seriously our professional obligation to speak candidly with you about your case. We do not take cases unless we can help clients, and we are honest about the results we can achieve.

When we take your DUI defense case, we will take time to talk with you about the potential consequences you may face. We will talk about the circumstances of your arrest, the facts in your favor and those that may affect you negatively. Together, we will work with you to develop a DUI defense strategy designed to get you the best possible results based on the facts of your case.

You only have a limited amount of time to save your license after a DUI arrest. At Farese, Farese, & Farese, we also handle administrative license suspension hearings — helping people save their driver’s licenses. You must act quickly to protect your rights.

To schedule a free and confidential consultation with a lawyer at Farese, Farese, & Farese, call us <!—662-736-1292 or —>toll free at 888-341-0243. You may also complete our online contact form.