The Knowledge And Skill To Compete Against Powerful Opponents

The Knowledge And Skill To Compete Against Powerful Opponents

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Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Cases

When you have been hurt at work, the attorneys at Farese, Farese, & Farese can help. Since 1939, we have served injured workers throughout west Tennessee and north Mississippi — helping them get the compensation they deserve after an injury on the job.

The workers’ compensation laws (often called workmans’ comp laws) vary from state to state and can be very complex. Often, workers are hired in one state but hurt in another. In that case, the injured worker may choose which state’s workers compensation law will provide the most benefits. At Farese, Farese, & Farese, we work to create a strategy that gets results after a workplace accident.

If you need help filing a workers’ compensation claim, or if your claim has been denied or suspended and you are considering pursuing your worker’s compensation claim further, you can turn to us for in-depth legal advice. But on-the-job injuries are not always a workers’ compensation issue. Sometimes lawsuits can be brought against third parties who cause the injury of workers, such as in a motor vehicle accident case. Other injuries may result in claims against the manufacturers of defective manufacturing products or machines or against sub-contractors on the job site. A good attorney knows what needs to be done and when. Failure to follow proper procedure or give proper notice of a claim can result in an injured worker not getting all the benefits the law provides.

The Resources to Help Achieve Success

The cost of properly presenting a worker’s comp claim can be very high. Farese, Farese, & Farese has the financial resources to hire all the necessary experts to develop any and all complicated aspects of a case. Rehabilitation experts, economic experts and medical experts are often required to clearly and concisely present a complete view of a worker’s compensation case.

To schedule a free and confidential consultation with a lawyer at Farese, Farese, & Farese, call us toll free at 888-341-0243. You may also complete our online contact form.

At Farese, Farese, & Farese, the attorney’s fee arrangement between you and your attorney usually is based upon the state law governing attorney’s fees. In Mississippi, the fee is 25 percent of the amount recovered, or otherwise as set by law. In Tennessee, the fee is 20 percent of the amount recovered. In Mississippi, all fees must be approved by the Mississippi workers’ compensation commission. In Tennessee, the attorney’s fee must be approved by the court. If your attorney does not recover compensation for you, then you will not owe attorney’s fees.