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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” - Martin Luther King, 1968

Real Property

Real Property

A. Adverse Possession
Angelo Zambroni purchased a piece of property on Stateline Road in Southaven, Mississippi. His neighbor, Ms. Painter, made claim to a strip of land between the parties after a survey was done. Neither party had record title to the property. Zambroni alleged a claim by adverse possession. After a trial, the Chancellor ruled in favor of Zambroni as to the adverse possession issue. Ms. Painter appealed to the Supreme Court. The case was affirmed. 346 So. 2d 373 (1977).

B. Restrictive Covenants
Alvin Gillum purchased a duplex in a residential subdivision and turned it into a real estate office. The Martins, residents of the subdivision, objected to file an injunction to enforce the covenants. The Chancellor ruled in favor of the Martins. Gillum appealed to the Supreme Court and the appeal was dismissed.

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